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You may have some questions about what to expect in our services. We firmly believe that the right balance of

God-honoring music, Bible preaching, and personal responsiveness to the Holy Spirit of God are the vital ingredients to sincere worship. The doors at Faith are open to anyone and everyone.


Here are a couple of things to set your mind at ease when you are preparing to join us for the first time. 

First, none of us “have it all together” — we are all striving to grow by God's grace day by day. 

Second, we’re not evaluating you — when you walk in, we’re glad to see you! Don’t worry about having to “measure up” or “fit in.” None of us really measure up, and we’re all very different. There is no dress code, and you do not need a private invitation. Our family is very diverse, so fitting in isn’t an issue.

Third, Faith is not about "religion", — Honestly, religion has let a lot of people down. Religious structures and systems are confusing and complicated—and disconnected from real life. We would love to help you move from “religion” into an authentic relationship with Jesus Christ.

Fourth, we speak plain English — we worship Jesus, we believe and study the Bible, we encourage each other—and we do it all in terms you’ll understand and be able to apply to your daily life.

Fifth, we believe and teach what the Bible actually says and why it matters — Everything we do, down to our philosophy of ministry comes from the Bible. We open the Bible and apply it to the here and now.

Sixth, a lot of us are new — Like you, most of us either are in the military, were in the military, or from the local community. As is the nature in the military community, folks are always coming and going. We’re all getting to know each other and finding our place in this growing and active body of loving, Christian friends. 

Finally, we really are just regular, friendly people — We are just like you— we work hard, we get tired, we are fighting for healthy homes and friendships, we are trying to show that it IS possible to be a “real” christian while living in the military culture. At Faith you will soon find some good friends who also have faith in Jesus Christ.

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