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In 1982, Missionary Bill and Viola Johnston moved to Iwakuni Japan and started services of Faith Baptist Church on the first Sunday in December, 1982 in a little four-room house they had rented on the street down from C-gate on route 188. In March 1983, they found a two-story metal building near the main gate of the base that was for rent. With God’s help, they were able to rent the building. The building was just a hollow shell so they had to build rooms upstairs and a platform downstairs and put in a wall in front of the front door. They went to a carpet store and ordered enough carpet to cover the auditorium. They built signs for the front. Brother Ron White gave them an old piano that had been used by the Bible school. They had their first service in the new building in April of 1983. From the first Sunday in the new building things just seemed to take off. It wasn’t long before it was full. For the first revival service, Brother Ron White preached. People were being saved and we had our first baptism in the river that summer and then that winter we were able to rent a public bathhouse downtown on Sunday afternoons before they opened for business. In 1986, Missionary Zane and Burma Abbott were called by the church.

 In 1990, major renovations were done on both the outside and inside of the church building. Two small buildings were added as a nursery and additional Sunday School facilities. 1998 brought many changes, the biggest being the provision of the Lord in working out the circumstances and the finances to purchase the land where the church is located. An additional small building was built for a prayer-counseling room, which was greatly needed as a part of the ministry. Shortly thereafter, a new multi-room was added in a new building across the street from the church. 

 Since it's beginning, the church had shared the facilities with a Japanese Pastor from Hiroshima for a Sunday evening service.


In June 2008, Missionary Chris Parker was called by the church family to be the missionary pastor. Chris, and his wife Junior Parker served at FBC until October 2016,  when they returned back to the United States.

Later, in October of 2016, missionary Brandyn Knight was called by the church to be the missionary pastor. He, his wife Alicia, and their two children currently serve at FBC.

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